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Extended Touring Programmes

We have compiled numerous touring programmes for specialised groups, individuals and families throughout the UK. Some of the themes we have incorporated are Castles, Theatre and Antiques. All programmes will be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements and our team has the benefit of extensive experience and knowledge that will guide you in putting together the perfect touring programme for your needs.

Sample Tour Programmes

Shore Excursions

Our extensive portfolio of tours provides options for every port around the UK, covering every budget. We are constantly adding to and improving our selection of tours and are always more than happy to tailor-make tours to your requirements.

We can include the ‘must sees’ of the port with exclusive events that are otherwise not available to the general public. From exquisite gala dinners on the Royal Yacht Britannia to walking tours along the cliffs of Guernsey – we have something for everyone!

Tours can be carried out by coach, on foot or by private car (either with an experienced and friendly local driver, or with a qualified driver-guide).

Please simply click on region below to see some of our touring suggestions for each port.

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